No, I'm advising against any script that is badly designed and breaks when new versions of mIRC are released.

The mircryption script I recommended works with any version of mIRC from 5.9 to the 7.x betas without modification. What tools it uses under the hood is irrelevant, the important part is that it works in a maintainable fashion across mIRC releases. It might use parts of FiSH, but it works when FiSH does not. There's no reason to argue semantics. If you were using this script rather than the alternative "FiSH" script, you would have been able to update to any version of mIRC without issue.

For reference, the script was last updated in 2008, and the file modified timestamp on the FiSH.dll from the archive is 4/19/2004. It seems clear that it did not need an update since well before 6.3x. I just tested it under the latest 7.x beta. It worked. It will likely work for a while longer. Use it.

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