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Khaled made an inquiry nearly a year ago. If after all this time he still needs guidance, and assuming he's already done his own homework first, then he's welcome to msg me privately on the matter.

Sounds to me like you think Khaled does nothing whatsoever but spend time researching things for you and you alone. In the last year, Khaled did absolutely nothing but finish bringing mIRC to the point where it's a more complete unicode client. I'm sure he had plenty of time to do research for you as well.

....Wow, ... Is this even meant to be serious? I have neither ever asked Khaled to do anything for me, nor do I care how he spends his time. And how do you confuse asking someone to do some reading on their own first as asking them to do reading for you? Kindly get your head out of the clouds.

What's your problem re: giving him some answers? It's not like he works for you, or something. Like has been said over, and over, and over, and over .... Give him some information like you were asked, otherwise drop the subject.

How in the world does offering Khaled direct help translate into you thinking I have a problem answering his questions? In addition, I've said repeatedly that I do not care about anyone's demands in this thread. It's astounding how you can take something made very clear and become so confounded by it. Only fools keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result. You've reminded how easy it is to overestimate a persons common sense. Please make more of an effort to pay attention.