I've already said I'm done playing your game. If you want your questions answered, do the work yourself, as I have. Stop being the adolescent that whines about not knowing something but refuses to take any initiative to learn. I'm not here to spoon feed you, put on your big boy pants and do it yourself. While you're working on you, try to stop being the adolescent that spills milk on the floor and then tries to blame whoever is in closest proximity for it. Take responsibility for your own behavior before you attempt advise others on it. Lead by example, champ.

I hope you're not implying that I'm the one acting high, mighty, and superior. I have never made any such claims or insinuations, nor do I believe a person with more knowledge & experience on a given subject somehow makes them superior as a person. People who claim to be superior, and those who accuse others of it with no real merit, tend to be the victim of their own feelings in inadequacy.

Khaled made an inquiry nearly a year ago. If after all this time he still needs guidance, and assuming he's already done his own homework first, then he's welcome to msg me privately on the matter.