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after the release of mIRC 7.x, 8 users switched to XChat, cause of implementation Problems of the known fish.secure.la.

If they switched because of one script, they obviously didn't have very heavy ties to the program, since they didn't even bother to try the other scripts out there. So, question:

Did they actually try the other WORKING mIRC encryption scripts? Scripts like mircryption, which have been working since 5.9.

Here's another, out of curiosity: how many of those 8 had registered mIRC?

This is what I'm not understanding: you're trying to tell us that mIRC should effectively be more like XChat w.r.t. FiSH support, but both clients support FiSH through THIRD PARTY SCRIPTS/PLUGINS. So the only way to be more like XChat is to do what they do. Great... so, let's keep the same support we already have for third party plugins! If anything, XChat is proof that you do not need to build blowcrypt support straight into mIRC- it can live as a third party plugin. XChat users don't mind. Why do mIRC users mind?

The real issue here is that a script you used to rely heavily on stopped working, not because of any fault of mIRC, but because the author lost interest in supporting mIRC. That happens. Note that this same issue can happen with XChat in the future. Fortunately, there are great alternatives. Use mircryption.

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