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he's welcome to msg me privately on the matter

He could, but so far you've done nothing to show your expertise on the subject. Moreover, if you know anything about design of security-related algorithms, you would know it is in everyone's best interest that it gets as much public scrutiny as possible.

By the same token, nobody has outlined their expertise on this subject. All I've seen is a lack thereof which doesn't exactly motivate me to oblige.

Public scrutiny only has value when the people doing the scrutinizing have a level of knowledge & experience on the subject. From what I've seen thus far this is hardly the place for such discussions. If you actually have genuine experience dealing with encryption and security systems then by all means let's move this to a forum of peers where the conversation can flourish rather then continue the useless bantering & petty insults going on here.

Khaled asked for help with a problem, you're not providing a solution, and yet you're making claims about how hard the solution would be to implement. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, and present a solution right here?

As I've said, he's welcome to msg me privately. Beyond that nobody here has given me any indication I should take anything they say seriously. People are free to make all the demands they like but if they don't provide motivation to meet them, they won't be.

If you don't, the conclusion must be that either you don't know, or you don't care all that much. Either way you'd have made a lot of noise for nothing.

In all honesty, the more posturing that takes place, the less I care so you are correct in that assessment. I should have read all posts rather then skimming through so. However, that doesn't place blame solely on my shoulders by any means. Had some of these people replied with a little more decency and a little less adolescence, this thread would likely be quite different and far more beneficial to the end goal.