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Further, it doesn't take an exceptionally intelligent mind to understand the reason so many other apps now include this stuff

So many? Name two. (by "this stuff" I assume you mean blowcrypt)

First, if you're just looking to argue, don't waste my time. I'm not interested in the petty back & forth some of "you" seem to enjoy. Secondly, in the future you can google this stuff yourself but this one single time I will play along; SecureCRT, OpenSSH, TIVO DVR's, the Linux kernel, ShareCrypt, SafeHouse, various password management applications for Windows/Linux/Mac/PalmOS/Apple iOS, ........and countless others. It's foolish to question support of fish and DH considering how widely used it is. Basically all it says is that you don't know what you're talking about. I don't say that to be offensive, it's merely a simple observation.

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Enlighten us with some keywords, then. The resource I posted a few pages back claims that all existing methods are vulnerable to MITM. I haven't seen any dead horses in my searches. I can barely find any information on blowcrypt implementations at all.

I have no interest in teaching you how to better use the google search engine. If you're having trouble coming across this stuff, you do indeed need to do better at thinking up search terms to use. I'm sure there's plenty of information available on that subject as well. My only suggestion is that you find reference material a little more current then 2009.

I'm done feeding the troll now.