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... let's move this to a forum of peers where the conversation can flourish rather then continue the useless bantering & petty insults going on here.

This is a forum of peers. And to be fair, the source of most of the "petty insults" are coming from your username. So far you're the only person to have made assumptions about other people's qualifications and intelligence (in fact, you've done so in this very post). Everybody else is genuinely curious what information you think is too complicated for us to understand that you require a private discussion with Khaled.

Secondly: why does Khaled need to message you? Just provide your solution right here. --- as many people have asked you to. Or.. if you're really worried about public scrutiny, you can message him privately. Otherwise, I concur with Sat: you either have no information, or don't actually care enough about actually getting this implemented. A pragmatic person would put aside their ego if they actually believed their information was more valuable than... their ego.

I'll repeat my request again, just in case you want to derail the discussion again with personal attacks: can you please provide us with the information Khaled requested regarding MITM attacks and Blowfish encryption? I'll ask that you please not respond to me unless you plan on sharing this information. Anything else would be useless bantering and petty insults, and I know you don't want that either.

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