How wonderful to see a bunch of 'know it alls' dictate to others what they think we do and don't need. A clear indication of how the progression of software can be hindered by people who think that as long as all there needs are met, no one else should need anything else. MIRC is not a freeware program, and if a customer asks for something that makes sense, I don't understand why it's not already done. I'll put a rest to this silly argument. A full test done by 10 different users around the world using 2 mirc's. The first is an older version with a direct patch applied to mirc.exe, the other is the latest version of mirc using a mirc script without a patch. For all 10 users, the speed difference under heavy traffic load was enough to make us all sick. NO WE DON'T WANT SCRIPTS OR WORK-AROUNDS!!! We paid for this software and are asking for something someone already did long ago. So go ahead and keep trying to argue how it's 'not needed' just because you don't use it. For the rest of us who make proper sense, please implement... Done, fixed, all are happy, never have to worry about it again. It's not that hard.