To make it clear for future posts:

If I someone said "this channel sucks!" and did not provide a reasoning behind it, then indeed, it was a troll topic, and no one has to bother responding to it.

And then of course, saying "this channel sucks" is also not specific.

But if someone said "this channel sucks because of these 7 reasons," and he listed the 7 reasons, providing examples, and scenarios of how it happened in real life, then that would be something else.

No where in my topic have I said I was requesting to be unbanned. No where in my topic did I say I was upset of not being unbanned.

Which is why I don't want any straw mans/red herrings/ad hominems/slipper slope, etc.

I came here to discuss the logic (or possibly illogic) of the provided scenarios and situations in post 1. These are specific situations of a specific channel, which I find somewhat linked to the forums. That's all a complaint is - merely a complaint.


Edit: And I did get some relevant answers, such as "you must build reputation," "you must build trust." Etc.