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You're comparing private homes to public channels.

The equivalent would be a public building run by a staff. And 1 staff member could tell 1 individual he does not want him there.

Think of it more like a public building that has security in it (ops) and the security (ops) tell you you're not allowed to return because you were causing trouble. They have every right to prevent you from returning.

It doesn't matter what you think. Ops can do whatever they want to. Period. Nothing you say can or will change that on ANY channel. If you don't like how a channel is run, go somewhere else. Don't start bashing things in a public forum for no reason. And, like others have said, you're just digging your grave deeper... everything you say is making you sound worse and worse and making everyone completely certain that you should have been banned regardless of the circumstances.

Btw, I don't know the rules there and there may not even be a rule specific to not running any kind of scripts in the channel. Or, they may allow ops and/or voices to do so. However, your specific script was a very bad script to be running in ANY channel and there is no reason why you should be allowed to run that unban notification script regardless of any other script-related rules.

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