This is another reason you probably have issues. You make too much out of some things, and too little out of others. You really are hopeless.

Born blind, death, mute, deformities, STDs.
Living with cancer, diseases, lost limbs, scars, poverty.
Losing a parent, a sibling, a child, a friend.

Not being able to go to a concert, because you were mugged on the way there. Recieving dirty looks, because of the way you dress at church. Being scolded for things you did not do. Paying for a crime you never committed. Dying for a cause you did not believe in. Being left out, because you simply did not fit in.

Did I list enough?

Crying is one thing, you can mope all you want in your own privacy. But going onto a forum and posting things just to gain recognition for your beliefs, when you should be confronting the ops, isn't going to sit well with people.