I guess the question next to ask is - what is a typical channel.

Does a typical channel have only 1 attribute? If a typical channel has only 1 attribute, and all channels are typical channels, then all channels have the same attribute. Personally, I don't think it works that way. I think there are too many indifferent attributes that make up a channel. I apparently don't see in comparing a channel like Dalnet #Windows95 as opposed to #Stop.Whoising.Me and finding a lot in common.

What the [censored] are you talking about?

IRC is IRC. There is only ever one true rule: Those with power will use and abuse it. Those without power have to take it unless they can convince someone with more power to do something about it.

And so to apply this to your situation:

The channel ops have power on that that channel. You don't. They banned you, now you have two options: Accept it or try and get someone with more power to step in. From your little performance here on the forums and the general attitude you have it seems you won't get another channel op to help you out. I'm also 100% certain that no EFNet IRC Op would help you with a trivial channel matter. Neither Khaled nor anybody on this forum can help you because as far as I can tell they really don't have anything to do with that channel. So accept your situation and stop bitching on a forum that has nothing to do with your problem and whose users (or at least me and everyone else who has responded to this thread so far) don't care one iota about it.

There have been 70 posts now going round in circles of people trying to explain that nobody here can or will do anything to help you and that by the sounds of it the ops of the channel were entirely justified in their actions. Not that it would matter if they weren't - your problem would still be irrelevant to this forum and would still be just the nature of IRC in action.

Grow up.

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