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Bans have reasons. Unbans have reasons. I value them both.

Quite simply I believe everyone has the equal priviledge of knowing when they are unbanned from a channel they are not in. If the ban is removed, then they have every equal priviledge of joining if they want to. I do not consider this a distraction because it does not output publicly to the channel.

I also believe what goes on in private (such as in notice) is outside channel jurisdiction. I was once banned because I helped a user in p.m. rather than in the channel and foolishly let the channel know. That's another thing I forgot to add.

It is true that it is pretty meaningless to let someone on the blacklist (or ChanServ akick list) know that they are unbanned. But then, those bans don't need to be removed. People ban people for reasons. I hope people unban people for reasons as well. They should both be equally important.


Hmm, this is the reason why people need a "shitlist" or perm ban people from a channel, if i get banned from a channel, then i take the hint and ether change the way i act, or i wont join that channel again, and a ban is set to stop people to join, but since the banlist only can store xx amount of bans you need to unban, if people did what they should do on irc "chat with others", then i don't think a ban would be placed so often, but more and more spammers and stupid kiddies that do wrong stuff on the channel force the op's on the channel to place a ban. i just love this tip of the way i found on a server i was on befor, and i belive the one that wrote it have a point:

I think that IRC would be a much nicer place if people would masturbate BEFORE joining.

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