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As I stated, enforcing rules is completely up to the ops in any channel and they can do so in whatever way they like because it is THEIR channel.

Point number 1.

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Other ops/admins/etc can choose to discipline other ops if things get out of hand, but other than that, they can do whatever they choose to. Because it is their channel and their right.

Point number 2.

You 1st talk about enforcing rules is completely up to the ops, and 2., they can do whatever they choose.

Now of course, that doesn't differentiate between doing whatever you want, and doing whatever you want in spirit of the channel rules. Because in 1 example, enforcing channel rules is irrelevant.

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If it's all about popularity, so what? That's their choice. That doesn't give you the right to abuse the rules.

There are no rights to abuse rules.

We acknowledged that I didn't break the "no scripts rule" either because it does not exist, hence why certain people can run a country locator script, or, that it does exist, but there are exceptions to individuals, and I am not 1 of them, as a result of earning respect, which is why other people can run other scripts.

And as far as I think about building a reputation, the thing is, you will have to build it to all the active ops. Just because I could be personal friends with 1 op such that he wouldn't ban me for running a country locator script doesn't mean another op who does not know me won't.