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And nice conspiracy here - trying to get me to break an additional channel rule by private messaging an op.

That isn't a conspiracy, it's again, standard etiquette. You're expected to act like a mature human being. When you have a problem with somebody in real life, you talk to them privately first before you take a bullhorn to your rooftop and start screaming about it, don't you?

Frankly, if you didn't just get the hint in me asking you to take this up privately, you must really be slow.

I made an assumption - however off - I did not think a typical #mIRC op would want my 4 page complaint in their p.m. window. Hence a message board. Was I wrong?

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Note that there are several ops involved, 1 traditional IRC etiquette rule is (which you may not agree with me) is that any IRC op or channel op is responsible for their own bans and not others.

And that is the case. It turns out, though, that you have made many ops equally responsible for your ban because of your constant troublemaking.

Sounds like you've got some ideas/bringing on a slightly new topic - go on.