I don't think it's really about popularity. It's more about trust.

On EFNet's #mIRC there are many regulars who help out, who are happy to abide by the rules. Sure, some push those rules, and are pushed back if they overstep their boundaries. They've been around long enough to show that they are responsible and responsive to comment.

Trust is gained in this manner.

You on the other hand stepped in, pushed the rules, ignored comments, and thus any possible credibility or trust was destroyed. When asked to stop this behaviour, you ignored the requestor and continued. You didn't try to get along with the community; you only tried to push your own agenda.

So in order to limit the interruption you were causing, you were kicked and banned. When these bans were removed, you came back in and continued your previous behaviour unchanged. Thus you were put onto a permanent ban list. As EFNet doesn't have services, most such bans are removed every few hours so as not to fill up ban lists. When this temporary removal occurred, you charged back in, and were thus put straight back on the ban list.

These bans will now no longer be removed for any reason. Your behaviour and attitude are not welcome.