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but in no way can I agree with you on anything you're saying, LostShadow. Even if some things you say are correct, the fact that you are blantantly ignoring the channel rules even after you know what they are, and you're stating here that you will continue to ignore them, makes everything else you have to say invalid even if it's legitimate.

Ops in ALL channels have the right to do what they wish, set whatever rules they like (even if they are stupid rules), kick/ban people if they want, etc.

It probably didn't occur to you, but like "a typical IRC channel," when regarding rules and bans, Efnet #mIRC is a popularity contest. You are judged by whether you are liked or not when enforcing channel rules. The fact that a channel op dislikes you, is no encouragement that he will not look for a case where he wouldn't have done the same to someone he did like.

Argv[0] confirmed to me himself that the basis of enforcing channel rules is built on reputation. After he found out that the porno link pasted person he banned was Kniht, and unbanned, he did tell me after I asked him that it's about reputation.

This is why people like Mike` and logicIRCd are allowed to run a country locator script.

If you're not liked, then you will be given the disadvantage of the doubt, and rules can be enforced stricter on you. Your safety status in any channel is dependent on the discretion of any channel op.