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No, I'm upgrading this to the fact that you're intentionally refusing to follow the stated rules and etiquette of standard IRC channels. Try your script on any other "official channel" and see how long you last.

I guess I could use a link, since you seem to be talking about something specific.

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It should also be noted that you chose to have this discussion in a public forum rather than first approaching an op privately on this issue, which only proves that you're complaining for the sake of it, making this conversation the most pointless waste of time. Complain away.

Herbie doesn't talk. And nice conspiracy here - trying to get me to break an additional channel rule by private messaging an op. Note that there are several ops involved, 1 traditional IRC etiquette rule is (which you may not agree with me) is that any IRC op or channel op is responsible for their own bans and not others.

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mIRC #efnet is not "official", by the way, we're merely enthusiasts helping out of our own good will. Ho ho ho.

It's a good thing I used the /. Had to be 1 or the other. Official in terms of Efnet? Most like not. Official to mIRC.com?

If you say Efnet #mIRC is as official as any other mIRC-help channel, I wouldn't have anything relevant to say.