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It probably didn't occur to you, but like "a typical IRC channel," when regarding rules and bans, Efnet #mIRC is a popularity contest. You are judged by whether you are liked or not when enforcing channel rules. The fact that a channel op dislikes you, is no encouragement that he will not look for a case where he wouldn't have done the same to someone he did like.

I don't see your point. As I stated, enforcing rules is completely up to the ops in any channel and they can do so in whatever way they like because it is THEIR channel. Other ops/admins/etc can choose to discipline other ops if things get out of hand, but other than that, they can do whatever they choose to. Because it is their channel and their right. If it's all about popularity, so what? That's their choice. That doesn't give you the right to abuse the rules.

I think this is a good time to see the topic locked as there isn't a debate or discussion even going on here... it's all just flaming #mIRC.

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