Right, Efnet #mIRC does not have services, or much hierarchy. Sure enough, in a channel with services, you can take it all up to the founder (or to a SOp if in conflict with another AOp or founder if conflict with a SOp).

And then an IRC op's admin.

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any IRC op or channel op is responsible for their own bans and not others.

I believed that was the channel founder? or the one giving oper status? when I adding op's in my channels or give them oper status, then I let them know if they did something wrong, im a strong believer in give a reason for a ban/kick, not just kick a user without let him/her know why,

My point was you don't go to channel op B when you get banned by channel op A.

I was referring to a place with equal hierarchy, such that you would need staff to decide on things, rather than any 1 individual.

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same goes for the k-lines my opers set.

That works real well with small networks, such that people know who the hub owner is. But not so well for large networks like Efnet, Dalnet, Webnet, and Undernet. Etc.