This seems like a totally pointless thread.

IRC channel operators are not required to be fair in ANY way. There are no laws in IRC channels. Any moral or ethical decisions are by choice only. The 'higher' level ops (channel founders, etc) may choose to enforce their own consequences for ops who disobey the channel's guidelines, but that is not a requirement either. You are in their channel, and thus are required to either do as they say (follow the rules) or leave (whether by choice or otherwise).

The rules laid out in a channel are 'general guidelines' that were created by the channel's ops. As a result, those rules can be created, modified, or removed without any notice to you or anyone else. The rules do not have to be fair, or at all logical. For example, if I (or any other op) chose, I could ban you simply because I dislike nicknames that contain an 'h'. I'd not be required to provide any explanation of any type to you, nor would I have to ever unban you if I so chose.

In most cases, channel rules are quite fair and logical. As several ops of the channel in question have stated, you were specifically and repeatedly told of a rule (whether it previously existed or was created on the spot for you) and you refused to abide by that rule. As a result of your refusal to follow that rule, you were banned. It is as simple as that. There is no point in complaining about it, and evading will just cause the ops to change a potential temp-ban into a permanent ban instantly.