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Born blind, death, mute, deformities, STDs.
Living with cancer, diseases, lost limbs, scars,

Those are all biological disadvantages of life. Such as the role of genes. While you are right on those extent, my reference was how society plays a role in the fairness of.. life. This means interactions between humans.

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Losing a parent, a sibling, a child, a friend.

And then these are all coincidences that can happen in life. Take a look at chance.

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Not being able to go to a concert, because you were mugged on the way there. Recieving dirty looks, because of the way you dress at church. Being scolded for things you did not do. Paying for a crime you never committed. Dying for a cause you did not believe in. Being left out, because you simply did not fit in.

Take a look at cause and effect.

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Did I list enough?

Crying is one thing, you can mope all you want in your own privacy. But going onto a forum and posting things just to gain recognition for your beliefs, when you should be confronting the ops, isn't going to sit well with people.

My whole point was on the fairness between people.


-A CEO pays a white employer more money than a black employer of the same intelligence, education, etc.
-Black person got charged with a felony while a white person got charged with a misdemeanor even though they committed the same crime and in same jurisdictions.
-Females on IRC get harassed for pics while males on IRC do not.
-A personal favorite of mine. Where it's a crime (felony in some jurisdictions) to wear a bullet-vest for protection during a crime scene. Whereas police officers can wear 1 anytime. And then, if you're not a police officer, being charged with that crime could mean not becoming a police officer, where as a police officer you have the right to wear a bullet vest anyways.

All your talk about how some species fluorish while others go extinct - that's life, no? But I'm not so much interested in dealing with biological fairness. Or that people born in a powerful country do better than people born in Africa. I'm also less complaining about historical fairness.