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Threaten legal action? Oh no, - if no law is broken on IRC, it would be meaningless to make legal action threats. Such a channel would not be ideal on Efnet - Efnet doesn't have many teens and children.

It was a joke. Laugh.

* RoCk takes one more whack at the nail...

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I note several fallacies in question going around. I started this topic about Efnet #mIRC. Not a typical channel in general.

But see, the point is that Efnet #mIRC IS just a typical IRC channel. It is NOT an official mIRC channel, it is owned essentially by the ops that run it since they hold the power to control it. Regular users (you) have no rights on said channel, you may be kicked/banned for whatever reason(s) the op(s) may or may not have, and yes they may treat you unfairly (in your mind), that was the right given to them when they were made an op, a power which you (regular users) do not have. Either deal with it or just don't join the channel.