There was also talk of the EU also having the jurestiction(sp?) to split microsoft, but they chose not to

They do have the jurisdiction, but only over inside their own sovereign borders, the same as any other place. The point I was trying to make is that one court in one country cannot make a world-wide ruling for a company just because their head office is in the same country as the relevant court. Sure they could split Micro$oft into an OS company and an Applications company. They couldn't, in the same ruling split Micro$oft's overseas operations though, because they come under the coporate laws of the other countries. There would ahve to be seperate hearings in all countries where Micro$oft has operations. it would also be easy enough for the currently singular Micro$oft to bring it's overeas operations under the umbrella of a new corporate entity which could infact (depending on US corporate law) evade any decision currently under consideration.