now are u sayin illegal in us standards or world standards cause im pretty sure the us is the only one who makes monopolies illegal ...... maybe its unethical imoral to the rest of the world but um microsoft is operated in exactly the same way a japanese business would be run ..... ruthless and totally for profit no matter what ....... how do u think they put nearly half the tv companys in the us out of business??? the sold thier product for less than it cost to make and ship the product here to the us ..... therefore under bidding every us manufacture in the same technology .... sure they lost money for a few years but lok at them now ....... u can say microsoft is illegal but whats the difference???? was microsoft illegal before linux????? of course not they didnt have competition ....... now ur turning a mirc discussion into a defimation of character of microsoft ...... man just get over it mirc wont port to linux ...... does that make mirc illegal?