I'm in NO WAY geting into this argument, i refuse to lol

however i will make a comment on the logistics of not useing a product because you disagree with the actions of those who produce that product.

when i'm at a resturont that gives bad service, i never go back, when i'm trying to return something to a bussness that doesnt work and they give me a hard time i just dont buy anything from them again (recently a cd-burnering i bought from stables didnt work, the have only a 14 day return policy on there hardware can u beleive that!!!!!!!!!!!, i wont never buy nothign from them again)

if enough ppl followed this patern it would force these ppl to clean upthere act and do things the right way.

i just dont suport crapy bussnesses, dont raise a fuss, or cause trouble its just simply i wont be back or wont purcahse from them anymore plain and simple :P