I was talking about the way the term monopoly is used in the eyes of the law - which I believe I read as being a 95% market share being termed a monopoly

In the eyes of what law?

That website you pointed to is just a news portal anyway not a government website. This may not occur to you but no court in the world (except perhaps the UN and only if they had jurisdiction over this, which I believe they don't) could enforce a world-wide split up of Micro$oft. The worst-case scenario is that they'd split in the US and carry on as per usual elsewhere.

At the end of the day I don't care either way because I don't intend on spending my life stressing about one man controlling the computer world. Someone has to do it in the name of compatability and if it's gunna be Uncle Bill then so be it.

No matter how much Gates is hated by anti Micro$oft people he's not gunna go away, so it's best just to think about something else. Like chatting with mIRC, a great chat programme with extras on Windows, a great user-friendly OS.