Wow, hold on there. Now we are drifting away from "opinions" and drifting towards "false facts"

The idea of a GUI was not a Microsoft invention, Microsoft stole the idea from Macintosh. Machintosh widely distributed their version of a GUI OS long before MS even dreamed of it.

Also, FreeBSD is NOT Unix. Saying something like this is equivilent to saying "Windows XP is DOS" sure there might be some features in XP inspired by DOS but it certainly is not DOS. In the same respect FreeBSD is not Unix. It has features in common with Unix, but it isn't even based on any of the Unix code (which is copyrighted and can not be freely distributed or modified).

Now before you go and call me a "Windows hater" let me just say I have currently 4 machines running Windows (98,Me,NT4,and XP) I am quite happy with it. But this doesn't mean I think *nix OSes are bad. I think they are great. Personally all software I write is capable of running on both Windows and *nix. And really I don't see a reason not to. Sure it is more work, but in the end it means more users. And more users means more money. So where is the downside there? And also I want to comment on the "not bringing this up often" remark. Yea you are right it has been discussed only about 12 times or so. But notice how this particular thread has about 30 posts because discussion was generated by it. That means people are interested in it. And I agree with what was said. *nix users are more apt to read the rules and follow them than Windows users are. If you don't believe that let me know I and I'll give you proof of the matter. I think if Khaled changed his thoughts to "if enough people request it I will make a Linux version" you would see hundreds of posts here.