Completely wrong wrong wrong.

Any decision made by a US court could only ever be enforced in the US. Or does whoever wants M$ split up plan on filing claims in the high courts of all 200-odd sovereign nations?

Corporate law differs vastly in many countries. Read some legislation before you make such statements.

As I said earlier, I'm not a lawyer and I dont know everything, however, I expect that your statement is wrong
A split was ordered - if there was any chance that that split was not legally enforcable, i doubt it would have ever got that far. There was also talk of the EU also having the jurestiction(sp?) to split microsoft, but they chose not to

I have been following this case for several years, and I've not seen any serious comments that the split ordered back in 2000(?) would not be enforcable - were it not overturned on appeal.

I have done several searches but havent yet been able to find a page that explains the proposed remedy - but I shall look for more information for you tonight which will explain more