now are u sayin illegal in us standards or world standards cause im pretty sure the us is the only one who makes monopolies illegal ......
Monopolies arent illegal that I know of - only the abuse of those monopolies is illegal

And it is illegal in both the US, all European Union countries and australia - I cant say anything about others, because I dont know

how do u think they put nearly half the tv companys in the us out of business??? the sold thier product for less than it cost to make and ship the product here to the us ..... therefore under bidding every us manufacture in the same technology .... sure they lost money for a few years but lok at them now

A loss leader is perfectly legal and is not the same as abusing one monopoly to create another
Microsoft are currently trying to get into other markets (mobile phones, games consoles) using loss leader tactics - which is all perfectly legal

was microsoft illegal before linux
I dont know tbh - but linux is irrelavent in my eyes in terms of microsofts monopoly - the only monopolistic practices that I'm aware of have been windows specific

man just get over it mirc wont port to linux
I have wink a long time ago wink
does that make mirc illegal?

It would probably be better to read up on the microsoft anti trust trial to understand just why microsoft have abused their monopoly and why its illegal, because I've only been an interested spectator - I'm not a lawyer or even someone who is "very much in the know" - just an interested ordinary bloke wink