Give me an example of how Microsoft have abused their position in the software market

Theres probably a better webpage than this, but heres one that has several questions and answers

Microsoft have used their monopoly in windows to create (/attempt to create) a monopoly in various middleware
including Internet Explorer - which is the only thing that they have been convicted of so far.

Also, if you want to get technical about the meaning of the word monopoly then you'd realise that it doesn't apply to Micro$oft anymore than it does to any other large company or company with a large market share

I was talking about the way the term monopoly is used in the eyes of the law - which I believe I read as being a 95% market share being termed a monopoly

The absolute non-arguable fact is that microsoft DID abuse their monopoly on windows to create an illegal monopoly in internet browsers - that fact was upheld on appeal
Much more information on the microsoft anti trust trial can be found on google
The slightly arguable question is whether microsoft continue to abuse it (.net vs java, other middleware) - since they have not been convicted as of yet