Linux is boring because it pretends to be something it will never be

Linux doesnt pretend to be anything - it just so happens that some people prefer the stability/license/interface of the various linux distro's than windows

but u dun wanna get me started on why windows is bad :P u really dont :P

And while you may think that linux is pretending to be something that it will never be, a very large number of people (including most at microsoft) see it as a strong competitor to the windows monopoly

One man makes mIRC tick. Khaled doesn't have a whole floor in an office building chokkas with coders hammering away at mIRC's source code on Linux boxes

He could have - I know of atleast 3 people who would be interested in assisting porting the best windows irc client over to linux - and I personally have offered to assist in porting it wink but its his choice not to accept help with his program from the community - which is fair enough

To Khaled's credit, he does an excellent job with the Windows version and I would not like to see mIRC suffer in quality or development terms simply because a few people want to run it on Linux.

Yes, khaled does a good job with mIRC for windows, but there is absolutely no indication that mIRC would "suffer" in any way if he were to port it over to the ever-growing world of linux

If you like mIRC, run Windows XP or 2000.

I have to say, that is the most stupid thing u said in that post. Some people dont have the option, or money, or any number of things to run windows - not to mention those who dont wish to support a convicted abusive monopoly... but I digress

And as a reply to someone elses post + information for the original poster...

Go to the Linux Wine webpage and download that..
it should allow you to run mIRC without modifications on Linux.

Unfortunately, there are still bugs in either wine or mIRC which cause it to hang after an extended period of use under wine (a couple of hours) - but if you can live with that, then mIRC runs reasonably well (although the irc displays are very slow to update...)