Here's a better analogy: If the restaurant was cruel in their business practices, would you not go there? What if you enjoyed their food most out of all restaurants, but they did things that were "wrong", but did NOT directly affect you or the service/product you were getting?

would i not go there? absolutly, i cant stand the idea that some bussness/people/etc think they are so large that the public is forced to do things there way.

back to the resteront anaology, i dont care how good there food is, if there involved in junk like that i will not suport them, fo me to eat there would be me giving them money, basicly finding activity that i dont agree with.

just as anouther example, i live very close to cederpoint .. i've been there only 2 times, then i learned somethign about them that causes me to make the determination that i will never ever pay to enter there again .. now its neve rhappened but if i was with a group and had a free ride in there somehow i'd be fine with that, as long as my money isnt suporting them.

i'm very stubrner about this. bussnesses can either clean up there act or they dont need my bussness .. i'm only one person though so i'm sure they dont care. but even so i stick to my guns regarding this.

If you choose not to support MS because of their business practices.. that's all fine and well.. but to imply that the product and/or service is somehow altered is retarded, IMHO.

Correction i didnt not even refrence MS, nor imply anything in regards to them.. dont put words in my mouth. i made a generalistic opnion on the point of logic.

i'm purposly avoiding the whole ms vs linux thing .. i run both, use linux as a server, use windows for my workstations (although the leagal copy of the windows os that i obtained i was not required to pay for)

i'm outa this descusion now lol