if i were bill and his money id try to squash anyone who stood in my way too its simply good business sense

Yes, it is good business sense

but, it is also highly illegal
Its illegal because if not it would be possible for one company to ensure that everyone used their non-monopolistic product (IE) due to the users reliance on their monopoly product (windows)

The five examples listed there are monopolies in their own right.
Sun, AOL and apple are not monopolies...
AOL may be the largest ISP, but I severly doubt they serve more than 50% of the entrire online world - which completely prevents them being a monopoly in the ISP business
A monopoly isnt just bigger than any competators - its bigger than ALL competetors added together
Ditto apple - u cant say their second place so their a monopoly to the rest. Perhaps there is another market which I dont know about where they ARE a monopoly - but they certainly arent in personal computers
I dont have any figures for Sun's penetration in the server market, but I know they face strong competition from HP - and I've never heard their position described as monopolistic before...

Sure... there is only one united states govenement, but you can hardly say they have used their "monopoly" to kill competition

Now what was that you were saying about monopolies?
That the abuse of a monopoly was illegal - and microsoft have illegaly abused their monopoly