Microsoft has got a huge monopoly. Everyone knows that but who cares?

The united states governent
The european union

The five examples listed there are monopolies in their own right. Sun leads the way in the enterprise server market, AOL is the world's largest ISP (About 30 million customers or there-abouts) and happily distributes a ripped version of MICRO$OFT Internet Explorer with their internet access CD's. Apple (which I humbly refer to as Crapple) are the leading opposition force to the PC market. The EU seems to dictate all non-military world policy and the US Govt dictates all military policy and is about the only country that has army bases in countries that belong to someone else (albeit with that country's approval). Any country with 20 aircraft carriers would be silly not to claim that stake I suppose.

Now what was that you were saying about monopolies?