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Ok, I'm going to start off by saying that if registry read/write were enabled by default, people could create some pretty creative scripts by doing such things as scanning for reg keys of certain installed programs, then going from there.

The bad seems to far outweigh the good though. I think registry manipulation using a simple command is a terrible idea. Just think about all of the morons that listen to the "no spam" and "matrix 2" messages.. mIRC WOULD most likely become a terrifying program to use to morons, and yes, there are a LOT of morons in the world today, why do you think infomercials work so well?

When it all boils down to it, if there is no such thing as $regwrite or some similar command, then there won't be the possibility of morons and newbies running very very malicious code, but registry editing for scripters is still very easy to do by using that nice little dll or that simple little script posted somewhere inside of this thread.

You might argue, "Well what about the scripters who don't know about the DLL or the code snippet?". If they don't know how to go to this place called "google" and search for what they need, then they are probably a severe newb and shouldn't be messing with their registry in the first place.

I'm not saying the suggestion is a bad idea. In fact it would be great if such a feature could be enabled, but because of lamers who like to write dumb little $decode scripts, features like this simply should not be added.

Keep in mind guys: This is not a voting board or a debate club, arguing things till you're blue in the face isn't really worth it. You should state your opinion if it is constructive criticism, but you really shouldn't argue your point over and over.. The same goes for the person who made the suggestion to begin with. (yes, it is irritating when someone severely tries to defraud what you suggested, but I think khaled is smart enough to debate the issue for himself). Unless you have something new to add to your arguement, why argue?

-- My mIRC did not come with /run and /dll disabled. They were enabled. (just because the help file says they're disabled by default doesn't mean they are..)

-- To anyone who knows how to use COM objects: Are COM objects easy to use? If so, could perhaps a small list of useful COM objects be listed somewhere? I'd like to see what I could do with them. smile

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