if uve read this thread from the very begining ud see the very reason many have been slightly opposed to this is the sole fact of having a very dangerous manipulation set built in to every mirc that could do so much more than just start a virus on your pc everytime u start ...... say some fool figures something like this is set in on all ur mircs and makes up a $decode of something for ppl to type in the wipes out thier registry
not only is that worse than a virus to some ppl ....... but add the fact that passwords to your system are stored into this ...... now the intelligent scripter can now make your system do ANYTHING he wants ..... total control of manipulating anything in your pc from a remote settup ....... and think of it like this ...... if its a registry change and not a program change how would a virus scanner find this alteration? ...... most times it wouldnt ....... ud end up with a pile of hacker enabled junk and ud be causing a horrid flood of networks simply because some immature child learned a couple commands to have an inexperianced user cut and paste ....... i personally wouldnt like mirc to end up a total joke of all programs for having this type of huge security issue just based on the fact it has alot of limited knowledge users