//var %a = $findfile(c:\,*.*,*,.remove $1-)

That would be enough to screw up most systems. Windows has file protection, But a user upon booting would get error messages. This is enough to make a lot of people think they have a virus and format. Perhaps this would even corrupt the OS completely. Either way, the damage to the users OS is tremendous. And all from a simple command in a chat application window.

Now, Im not suggesting that because dangerous commands already exist, that we should add more. Im suggesting that certain commands should be disabled from command line. So that a user has too atleast accept a File.
Im also pointing out that this feature suggestion doesn't have to dismissed on the grounds of safety. One of the possible alternatives to this suggestion was using COM. Which means WSH. And that means the users system is now open to all those .VBS exploits, Just cos a mIRC script said "To use this addon use must enable WSH". WSH may well be enabled by default in NT, but a lot of people disable it with there Anti-Virus applicaitons.