Will you please read the guidelines to this forum?

"If it's something that is very easy to do with scripts, chances are it won't be built into mIRC. "

Your taking that out of context and using it unfairly to dismiss this persons feature suggestion.

As I already stated earlier, DLL's can do just about anything. So we dont need a feature request forum at all. Do we?

"you can script it" is not a valuable response" - Did you just ignore that part of the forum guidlines or what?

Your telling me this feature has no chance of being added. I thought that was up to Khaled too decide?
Many features have been added that are already accomplished by DLL's and SCRIPTS even.

If you had bothered to read the rest of the posts you would of seen the part where I pointed out that WSH is NOT installed on all systems. Further more, Anti-Virus programs encourage it too be disabled. Enabling WSH makes the in-experineced user far more vulnerable too worms and trojans!

Only users with the intention of propagating the next trojan/worm would be so insistent on having the command built in natively.

You can't address anyone of my points with a sensible answer and so you resort to insulting me, I do not appreciate that.