Yes you are right, less users look there, which is why it is always the perfect place to hide a virus, why give mIRC the easy ability to do that?

The thing that I don't understand is this, many are worried that if registry support is implemented, it would cause a lot of security issues. What about Com Objects? Can't that cause just as much risks as registry support? I would think so. You said yourself that qwerty made an alias that can access the Windows' registry. Well, if it can be done through COM Objects, then what would the difference be if there were commands and identifiers just for registry manipulation? I can't honestly see any difference. COM Object support is just as dangerous as registry support.

From what I understand, someone who was good with COM Objects could easily write an mIRC script that could do far more damage to a user's operating system than just messing with the registry.

A person who is not sure about script should not load anything they don't understand! Then there would be no problems. Am I right?