well if u know how to use them then use them ...... i dont think the average user of mirc needs a huge security issue in thier mircs ....... imagine the havoc this would cause ....... id hate to see mirc get a terrible rep because ppl are stupid enough to enter commands random users tell them any worse than the matrix deal ..... manipulation of your registry is a terrible thing to do if u dont know what your doing ... so as ive stated already if u can use dll ... do that its going to leave an all together more safe mirc for all users if only the ppl who know how are doing it ........ u see what im saying? im not knocking your suggestion i can see why u would want this ability ...... but 95% of all mirc users would have this huge security issue if this was to aded ...... and u know how many ppl dont proterct themselves it would turn mirc into the biggest joke going if this was added for morons to send u commands to mess up your pc