I agree that /regwrite is a bit risky. I think $regread isn't so risky though. The only risk is //say $regread(My_Serial_number_or_password_stuff). There are a lot of risky commands within mIRC however. And the only ones you can disable are /run and /dll, which are incidently, enabled by default.

You can execute COM, and all the file/folder manipulation from a chat window, with simple commands.
There are also ways to get sensitive information from people just by telling them to /dcc send particular files. So to focus on regread for safety is unfair.
People have to learn for themselves not to type stuff or accept files. And the REG commands do not generally compromise the persons Box, and lead to platform for harming others. They only harm the ignorant user. Khaled could simply prevent these commands from being executed in the command line. That way, the person must atleast accept a File. And if a person is willing to accept and run unknown files, No safety measure will ever protect them. It's a basic fundamental thing that they have to learn, and mIRC's progress shouldn't be impeded because of them. Because they will inevitably come to harm anyway.

And regarding COM and WSH. In my version of windows98, WSH is not installed, even on the Full install. It is an optional component on the CD. However, Perhaps this changed for 98SE.
Regardless; Many Anti-Virus programs encourage users to disable WSH. Asking a user to install, or enable WSH, just so that a mIRC script can do a $regread through COM isn't so good. It's like imposing a real security risk on those mindless users you worry about, For the sake of averting a possible, minor risk in mIRC.