Yes, you are reffering to Norton 2003. As far as I remember, the older versions of Norton just gave you an option too disable WSH. And the above advice from Norton says that it's safer to disable WSH. Your COM snippet demands that WSH is installed, and for safety you must use Norton 2003. That's 2 dependancies that I wouldn't want to impose on the users of my scripts. What if a user doesn't have Norton, and they install WSH to support my COM script, It will then be my fault when they get infected through email attachments, etc. That is a very real scenario. mIRC could implement $regread (Note, I never upheld /regwrite in the first place), and there would be no security issues attached to it.

This doesn't matter anyway, I don't wish to debate the validity of using WSH in mIRC. This feature request is good enough to stand on it's own, regardless if WSH snippets work or not.

I believe all the arguments on this topic are exhausted now. As d00d said, the feature request is here, lets leave it too Khaled to decide..