Ignoring Anti-Virus advice and enabling WSH so mIRC can do $windir and $regread is moronic

Ok, you mentioned this before too, so I gotta ask: which antivirus completely disables WSH for security purposes? I have Norton Antivirus 2003 and the only related feature is Script Blocking. SB does not completely disable WSH though: it prevents (or pops up a warning before it does) script files (such as .vbs, .js etc) from being run. It doesn't even disable ALL scripts, only those with "suspicious" commands in them (such as file operations). It certainly does not interfere with the COM interface of the WSH objects, at least here.

mirc can do $windir and $regread (and even $regwrite) just fine with Norton Antivirus SB enabled. I don't know what other antivirus software do and whether they disable WSH completely, but if something sounds moronic is to disable the entire WSH (including its COM interfaces) just because of some strange belief that "it's safer".

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