I never stated that it disables WSH automatically. In previous versions there was an option to disable it, you were advised to disable it. I don't know about Norton 2003. But I do know that the Symantec website still recommends the same thing that you call a "strange belief":

"One preventive measure that you can take to protect yourself from viruses that come as .vbs attachments is to disable or uninstall the Windows Scripting Host. Because Windows Scripting Host is an optional part of Windows, it can be safely removed from your computer. This feature can easily be reinstalled if it is needed in the future. Remember that there are many other viruses that do not use the Windows Scripting Host, so it is critical that you continue to use Norton AntiVirus protection with the most up-to-date virus definitions. "

You have to remember not everyone uses Anti-virus software, Let alone Norton 2003. So it is indeed safer for people to follow the above advice. Basically your snippet is reliant on 2 external programs; WSH, and seeing as you now have that security risk enabled you better get Norton2003. That isn't so great.