Why is it better? Because it is less secure? Because it is slower? Give a reason why it is better rather than just saying it is better.

Slower? It's not noticeably slow. Are you trying to say an INI file is much faster to access than the Windows' Registry? If that's the case, then why didn't the developers of Windows store the operating system values to an INI file instead of the Registry?

I would have to say the reason I think it's better to store values in the Registry is because it's a place where many average users don't mess around with, therefore, a user will not accidently mess with the values of a script. With an INI file, a user can just make a simple edit, and that can seriously break a script. And it's a more professional practice to store values in the Registry.

If you still think Registry support is useless, then why did DragonZap write a dll to do this? Just because you have no use for it, that doesn't mean the rest of the mIRC users feel the same way. I don't have use for mIRC's Agent support, but do you see me complaining about it? No.