What I am saying is, what benefit is gained from pointing out spelling errors? (Re: below)

The post I referred to did mention IM clients but the second paragraph said the following:

"I don't see this improving the quality of chat and I don't see this improving the quality of spelling for those that really need it. I mean really, the only 'illiterate' people I come across are people from countries such as Kuwait or Malaysia that have a lot of difficulty speaking English - they aren't going to benefit from a spell checker as more often than not most humans can't work out what some people are saying, let alone a dictionary that hasn't got a brain!"

Are you telling me you really think having a spell checker will improve the quality of people's typing? How is a dictionary supposed to help someone who says: "Hai how r u? a/s/l?" or "lolzy 10x". These are the kind of people that are unbearable to talk with. I hardly think it's necessary to start incorporating something like this for someone who, using puterfixer's example, spells mandatory 'manditory'. That doesn't improve anything. It's not worth it, there are far more important features to be working on in my opinion.

Anyway, that's enough of my contributions to this thread heh, I guess Khaled has got both sides of the 'story' as it were, we'll see in future versions to come I guess :-)