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You don't have to give reasons for why you like or dislike someone. But you don't have to like someone to respect him. And you shouldn't deny someone the befitting respect witout a very good reason... In other words: You don't have to share his opinion, and you don't have to like his person (or - as you don't know his person as a matter of fact - his style).
But you have to respect his person, his opinion, his mIRC/MSL knowledge and also the time devoted. Especially if you demand more respect from his side (e.g. regarding opposing opinions about a suggestion) it's not very consistent if you don't show the least yourself (as in parts of the posts above).

I don't deny the possibility that some of argv0s posts had had discouraging effects on others (though not "the community" as a whole). Yet he's not giving invalid arguments or the like. As stated, there's a lot of reasoning in his posts. Regarding the conclusions based on arguments for/against a feature suggestion: they're opinions - as valid as yours or mine, as Wims already pointed out.
I think the main issue is how some argument/opinion is communicated ("That's of no use because... This won't be added." vs. "I think the majority of users won't benefit from this suggestion because... I thus doubt it will be added").
Of course you can wish that this or that reply would be less "harsh". For my part, I do. But to me it's off the mark to say it "makes him completeley useless to these boards". And I think it wrongs him a lot to hold "the only thing he seems to be dedicated to is to making mIRC suitable to his own personal needs and preferences".

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