Why can't this be automatic? You select the dictionaries you want and when the choices have been confirmed, the dictionaries are auto-installed. Nice and easy.

Select them from where? The installation dialog? You expect that to list 200+ languages and for a user to find their specific one? Perhaps select them from a drop down list....and then how many drop down lists should be available to choose from in the case of someone wanting to install multiple dictionaries?

And erm, since when has mIRC ever asked for feature settings in the installation dialog. Bah.

Adding words to the dictionary would of course be entirely optional, not manditory. If you choose not to do this and you don't like the words still being highlighted, disable the feature.

Just disable it? But what about people who WANT the feature, but don't want it to affect certain words but can't be bothered to add 100 words to the dictionary? Just disabling the dictionary if it were implemented is hardly an option. I don't see many threads on this board saying 'Oh well, you're having difficulties with that option so just switch it off'.

Why can't multiple dictionaries used be in conjunction with each other?

Words in different languages could quite easily conflict. 'Salut' in French may be interpreted by an English dictionary as 'Salute'. How should the dictionaries react? Is the person meaning to say 'Salut' in French of have they spelt 'Salute' incorrectly? Perhaps they should just disable the feature smirk

but some people still like to take accuracy in what it is they are trying to communicate.

I would say most people couldn't care less. If it's intelligible then there isn't really an issue, is there? If it's not intelligible chances are a spell checker is not going to help the person. Why should such a major feature be incorporated for what I would say is the minority of IRCers who are so pedantic they think 'pls' is the end of TEH world.

Why so much negativity about it, people?

Read the last 2 paragraphs in my last post which are still the icing on the cake for me, even if every problem above is answered to its full extent.