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I guess your definition of invasive is a little more relaxed than mine. I find underlining words in red to be heavily invasive, especially given that a good 95% of conversations I've seen on IRC (purposefully) involve words/spellings that would never be found in a dictionary. Off the top of my head I can think of at least 1 or 2 occasions *per line* that would flag a spell checker (think 'id', 'youre', 'hes', all the obvious 'lol' stuff, and then all the geek conversations I have that involve file paths, acronyms, math formulas and plenty of code snippets <- this is typical of IRC conversations, imho). That's a lot of red underlines to be looking at. I'd rather not spend my time adding words to a dictionary when I could easily just be ignoring intentional mistakes.

Grow the f**k up argv... (hey look argv is non-invasively underlined). Just please stop camping in these forums spouting that every suggestion that comes along is *bad* and *unless* etc. I am sick of hearing it. I assume lot's of others are too.
You don't offer any real insight into things (much like this rant). But you have become a painful thorn in my side when viewing these forums. Blah blah I'll end this here... as this thread has possibly become off topic because of me... good now i'm mad at myself too. lol.

Beware of MeStinkBAD! He knows more than he actually does!